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#93 put into practice three-seven habits for success

2 Feb

Aye! Today was a crazy day at my work my friends. The kiddos were all out of sorts today. It’s always something. Since it was a slightful stressful day at work, I am pulling todays get happy tidbit from the “Put your career on a happy track” chapter. We’ve all heard of the 7 habits of highly effective people, which I will list a little bit further down. It is suggested that we establish three new habits and then expand to seven. The following habits are listed in the book:

  • learn to manage your time and not waste it
  • be curious and have a desire to always be learning
  • practice self-discipline because your motivation and work ethic depend on it
  • always follow through and complete what you start
  • be of service to others
  • do the right thing, show your integrity
  • keep your word

And the 7 habits of highly effective people per Stephen Covey?:

  • be proactive
  • begin with the end in mind
  • put first things first
  • think win/win
  • seek first to understand, then be understood
  • synergize
  • sharpen the saw

Here are my habits (as of 6:28 pm February 3rd, 2011)

  • get work done when it needs to be done (no procrastination)
  • be purposeful with my words and actions
  • be nicer than necessary
  • focus on small positives and not the big negatives of situations

Make your list and post it somewhere (I’m about to write mine in my many journals and planners!)

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. “

~Albert Einstein

#531 dream big dreams

27 Oct

Since I was young, I rememeber being told by practically any adult I came into contact with that I could be anything I wanted to be. However, I think it’s safe to say no. For instance, I couldn’t be one of the first adults to travel to Mars because according to the astronaut I met during Space Expo (one of the many field trips courtesy of SAGE/GATE when I was younger) it would take 8 years to get there and I would die because there is not enough air. Crushed.

My mom crushed my dream of being an astronaut when she wouldn’t send me to Space Camp because it was too expensive (which it was). A dream of being famous was crushed by my own realization that I couldn’t sing, act, or dance. Since then, my dreams have taken a little more focus and been solidified. Right now what are my big dreams:

  • law school
  • opening my own school
  • school psychologist
  • becoming a facilitator
  • staying a teacher

Do I know exactly which of these dreams I will pursue? Negative captain. But I do know that once I choose it, I will be awesome at it. Hopefully. I know what it takes and I am dedicated. Thanks mom for the good work ethic.

What are your big dreams? As crazy and unrealistic or boring and realistic may they be, they are YOUR dreams. Don’t let anyone crush them! Until next time…

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.

-Gail Devers

#540 infect your co-workers with happiness

23 Aug

Today I woke up nice and early (630 am…granted not nearly as early I will be up once school starts) to enjoy some breakfast and boy meets world before going into school. I made it into Mojave around 845 and stayed until 215. We officially don’t start until Wednesday but I came in to get some stuff done.

Me & Sam, one of my girls from year 1

Me and my (ex) co-worker Stepp (224 won’t be the same w/o you!)

I didn’t get much done simply because I ended up talking to several co-workers all of whom I thoroughly enjoy working with. Ruth, a secretary for one of the AP’s, always compliments me when I see her by telling me that I brighten her day. Such a great thing to hear- that can boost my self-confidence and mood so quick. The author suggests that being happy increases the happiness of the work place…and who wants to work in a depressing place? Not me.

As a teacher, I can translate this deed into infecting my students with happiness. For instance, taking an interest in a so-called “problem child” can make the student happy- whether its outwardly shown or not. The trouble-makers are my favorites. Last year, Erin and I had a student in common named Tony. Tony challenged us everyday- that is once he decided to enroll in school (mid-september) and when he showed up. Even though he challenged us, we took a deep interest not only in his education, but also his well-being. Despite challenging us, he would come to our classes when he got kicked out of another class or when he needed help with something. By end of semester 1, it had gotten pretty bad with Tony (even with Erin and myself) and he dropped out. This made us both sad. Erin and I often reminiscied about Tony and wondered what he was doing and if he was okay.

Imagine my surprise when I saw him biking along the road as I was driving to work last week for a meeting. I immediately pulled over and shouted to him from my car window. We briefly caught up (not in school, working on getting a job) and I gave him my email, in hopes he would email me. More surprise came when I saw an email from him later that day: I reminded him that he needed to get his diploma (either through Adult Ed or by getting his GED) and to keep me in the loop about him getting a job. His reply?(unedited form)

“Thanks alot i miss yu alot really ms perlik an thanks for the advice but dnt forget bout me plz and im trying my hardest”

That brought me SO much happiness and satisfaction. That’s what makes my job so rewarding. Anyway, be happy at work! Smile at a co-worker, compliment your boss, ask the newbie how their day is. Make someone else happy, make yourself happy too. Until tomorrow..

“Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it”

-Groucho Marx

#560 do what you love

7 Aug

I was flipping through my book while watching LA INK on TLC. LA INK is about a tattoo parlor in LA. Kat (the main lady) was tattooing the phrase “Risk everything” onto a guy’s back. I like that mantra. As I was thinking about all the various interpretations of that phrase, because there are a lot, I flipped back to the “make a difference at work” section. I had yet to complete any of these deeds simply because I’m on summer break (ahh one of the perks of being a teacher) but #560 aligns perfectly to the phrase of the day. 

The author writes that when we are engaged in work that is meaningful to us we have better job satisifcation and are happier. Sometimes though, we are prevented from doing what we love. This could be due to fear, lack of money, or another person. But, if we risk everything for what we love, it will all work out. For instance, anyone who has packed up their life and moved for a career or volunteer opportunity. I’m thinking of my TFA friends, Carinne who moved from the Burgh to NJ, and my brother Brian who moved to Dayton, Ohio the other week. Additionally, risking everything could entail going back to school to start/ finish your degree or perhaps to get a completely different degree. All in the name of doing something you love.   

my amazing fourth period Algebra I kids from this past school year 

& my equally amazing third period English II class from my first year (dunno why the kids love giving me the bunny ears)

Even though you may struggle at first, if you don’t take a risk, you’ll always be left wondering “What if..”. Do what you love despite what other people may think or say. If you love your job as a janitor, matchmaker, producer, dancer, teacher, manager, full-time student, mom, dad, nanny than GOOD FOR YOU!!!! It’s your life; live it how you want to and do what will ultimately be best for you! Until tommorow..

“The only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.”

-Albert Schweitzer