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#893 Pay for the person behind you

30 Jun

As I mentioned yesterday, I planned to do a deed that involved me getting outside the house… so today involved me paying for the person behind me in line. This deed involved many decisions: (1) where to go and (2) should this take place inside place of choice or in the drive-thru? 

I decided to hit up Starbucks because I wanted an iced coffee and I knew it would be the ideal place since it’s almost a 100% guarentee that someone would pull up behind me. I get to Starbucks and pull into the drive-thru. No one pulls in behind me. I place my order (grande iced coffee: light ice, light milk, vanilla syrup). Still no one. I’m beginning to get nervous that my plan is going to fall through.  Finally a car pulls up. An expensive car. One that has a sticker on the windshield that says VIP. I am intrigued by this character and what the order will be (turns out to be a white chocolate mocha- ick).

Pull up to the window, the lady repeats my order, and I tell her I would like to pay for the person behind me. I tell her that I don’t know what the order is and I don’t know the person, but I plan on paying for both orders. The lady tells me okay and tries to figure out how to combine the order. I pay for both, get my delicious drink, and ask the lady to just to tell the customer to pass it on. She smiles and says she will.

I think if I was a millioniare I would do this pretty much everyday because IT’s SO EASY. However, I am not a millioniare, just a teacher so I can’t do it everyday but maybe once a month. It’s a good feeling to know that a stranger gets a surprise like a free Starbucks drink! – I know that would make my day! I think tomorrow’s deed will fall under the do good locally…until then…

“If I can help somebody as I pass along…then my living will not be in vain.”

-MLK Jr.