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#14 Purchase beauty products that do not test on animals

11 Oct

There are several beauty product companies that go the ethical route and do not test on little critters:

Revlon* Mary Kay * Whole Foods * Bath and Body Works


These companies still do test on animals sadly:

CoverGirl * Johnson and Johnson * Pantene

There are several more for both categories, but I just wanted to list the major ones.

Just what do companies do when they test products? They pump a substance into an animal’s stomach or airways, or apply it to the eyes or skin. What can you do?! Pledge to be a caring consumer! Check out the Humane Society website, which has ton more information ( I took the pledge and requested a pocket consumer book so I know which companies are okay and which ones are not! Until tomorrow…

“Life in any form is our perpetual responsibility.”

  ~S. Parkes Cadman

#174 support local small businesses

29 Jul

This is another modified deed for two reasons: (1) I actually did it last night and (2) its not so much a business but rather a non-profit organization. One of my best friends Megan is moving to CO to teach at a charter school, where she will be awesome! She leaves Friday right after she is done teaching (what a trooper right!) and so a few of us went out last night in her honor. We went to our usual hot spot: Blue Martini. Scored a table and my free drink because of this little fancy Lady Blue card ( Palm Beacher Martini, yum!) and settled in for an enjoyable evening.

Not long after we sat, a lady came up and began telling us about this event that was simultaneously occuring: it was a Martinis for a Cause (maybe the title, maybe not haha) event. For a $20 dollar donation, you would get a wristband that would allow you free drinks with Van Gogh Vodka (hello mango martini!) or Heinenken. Or, you could donate for raffle tickets to win a cabana at Wet Republic (for you non-Las Vegas folks thats the pool club at MGM). As it just so happened, I had went to the bank prior and took out 20 bucks in cash. It seemed like it was meant to be so I donated the 20 bucks and got my little wristband. For me, it wasn’t even about the drinks but rather what the organization stood for.

Now where exactly was this donation going? It was going to support a non-profit organization that just started in Las Vegas: Kaleidoscope Family Solutuon (KFS). KFS introduces several approaches to emotional supports for children and their family. Their initial segment is “Equines (horses) as Therapists”, which involves therapy horses who have been trained and have the innate ability to sense strengths and areas of need for each individual. Participants also receive a team of professionals that help the participant cope with his/her individual life issues.

The cool thing about KFS is that they want EVERY Nevadan to have the opportunity to experience this program. The basic six-week course is funded exclusively by donations and are open to any family, regardless of income-level. What are the types of disabilities or challenges that can be treated?

  • physical disabilities
  • emotional disabilities
  • individuals in transition and recovery
  • families facing challenges
  • at-risk youth
  • veterans
  • disability related to anxiety and stress

KFS plans to develop other 6-8 week programs that build “relationship” wellness. They plan to offer programs involving art expression, music appreciation and expression, sensory awareness/desensitization, and pet-facilitated learning with other animals. My donation went towards the funding of the program for a child. A  six-week program costs $900…hopefully they collected enough for at least one child to go to the program!

If you are interested in checking out the program, or know someone who would benefit, their website is Until tomorrow…

“How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong.”

-George Washington Carver

#602 Watch a pet while it’s owners are on vacation

2 Jul

Happy July!!!! Today’s deed (and actually this a week long deed, but no fear- I will be completing other deeds daily) is to watch a pet during a vacation of friends, family, neighbors, etc.

I enjoy animals; I really do. Cats not so much, but dogs? Yes. When do I not like dogs? When they are snarling at me and barking at me while I’m in a corner.  Meet the dogs: cashmoney (real name: cash) and flip.

One of my best friends Shay is out of town with her boyfriend. She asked me to watch their dogs, I of course obliged. The dogs are seen above. Which of these pups am I terrified of? You guessed right if you said Flip. Adorable? Yes, but not when he’s barking and snarling at you (unfortunately this fear was developed in childhood from a crazy little dog I often encountered on the neighborhood paper route).

The plan of action was this: Shay provided me with a bag of bacon treats that I would give to Flip (and Cash, but Cash is a scared dog and always runs upstairs when I come into the house) when I walked in the door to appease him. I pulled up and opened the door- treats in hand. What happened in the next five seconds was this: me throwing treats left and right as I ran to put the code in the system, Flip barking and snarling, and Cash running upstairs. What happened in the next five minutes was me hiding in the corner as Flip barked. He would retreat for about  a second to the snack, which he would sniff, but then come back to harass me.  I did my duties (filling water/food bowls) and peaced.

What’s amusing is that the last sentence in the deed blurb is “Make certain you have phone numbers and know how to deal with any emergencies that may arise.” Well, I have Shay’s number, but what can she do while she’s beaching it up miles away? Do I know how to deal with the emergency of being scared by a small animal? Tomorrow, I will walk in there with a sense of confidence and hide my fears…I think maybe dogs can smell fear? And if I can’t hide my fears? I better move quickly for those five minutes of each day during the next week! My friend Rachel is picking the number of my deed tomorrow, so who knows what tomorrow will bring! Until then…

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”


#33 donate to the elephant sanctuary

1 Jul

It’s a late post today because it was a long day, and another sad day too. But I must believe the common mantra “everything happens for a reason”. So I can’t, and won’t, dwell. Instead let me talk about my deed.

All I knew when I woke up was that my deed would be do good globally. After my day, I got home and randomly opened the book and found #33. There is an Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, which is the largest natural habitat refuge developed specifically for endangered African and Asian elephants. Elephants have a special meaning to the person whom this donation was made in honor of. Kind of like a reminder that even though we can’t be together anymore, I love him and want the best for him.

So, back to the Sanctuary: check it out You can watch the elephants via the webcam (all 24 of them) and read about their unique biographies. There is plenty of cool items to buy (calendars, t-shirts, handcrafted items). What I found so intriguing about this is its location! Of all the places for an Elephant sanctuary, its in Tennessee! Just so interesting to me! 🙂

Anyway, it costs $125,000 annually to care for and support just ONE elephant! The ultimate goal is for 100 elephants to find sanctuary. There are various donation options (regular donation, acres for elephants, feed an elephant for a day)- all of which vary in prices. I choose to stick with the regular donation (10 bucks). The donation can be made in honor of or in memory of a person. In addition to helping out beautiful creatures, I also get the Elephant newsletter for a year. Yay! Until tomorrow…

“God doesn’t give you the people you want; he gives you the people you need to help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you, and to make you the person you were meant to be.”

-don’t know who said this, and I know it doesn’t apply to my post directly, but it’s a good thing to remember in tough times……