#3 set out a bowl of freshly crushed lavender

17 Dec

I have plenty of ways to live happy today my friends. It was the last day of school before break AND there are only four days until I am back in Pittsburgh for two weeks. YES!!!

I got a Christmas card and homemade cookies from one of my favorite kiddos Noah and a huge hug from another favorite, Aquba. The kids were hyped up on sugar, but still managed to get their make- up work done. I walked out of school at 2 pm and made it home in time to catch Ellen. Oh, pure happiness.

Today’s activity to be happy involves lavender (see below)

Scents like lavender, citrus, rose, and sandalwood can trigger thoughts to bring serenity. I also feel that lighting candles work well too: right now,  I am loving cinnamon candles. It’s a warm, brightening smell and brings happy thoughts to my mind. Whatever scent brings you happiness, find a way to enjoy it when you’re down…with the exception of gasoline ( a smell I have always secretly enjoyed since my youth). Have a happy day 🙂

“Allow the scent to lift your mood and remember you never have to live a bad day over again.”

-Meera Leester


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