#1 Choose to think happy thoughts

14 Dec

Welcome back, welcome back. To all my friends, family, and faithful readers…I am switching up the premise of the blog- thanks to my lovely friend Shay!

This past Saturday was a girls potluck with my TFA ladies. I successfully made some baked mac and cheese (courtesy of Target and Archer Farms). Shay had a delicious honeybaked ham; Sade made some homemade spinach dip (my favorite); Cece brought gingerbread cookies; and Amy baked banana bread. We had a delicious meal and watched classics like ELF and holiday episode of Glee. We also made ornaments and had a little gift exchange. In the exchange, I got a wonderful book from Shay: 365 Ways to Live Happy.

white elephant by shay

(midst of exchange- sade opening her gift -from cece)

My blog is now going to reflect a way to be happy each day.  I need this, you need this, everyone needs this! So here it goes…day one of live happy: Think Happy Thoughts. Don’t worry, I’ll still throw in a good deed blog every now and then too!

If you think about it, it makes sense. If you want to be happy, think happy thoughts. However, we all know that is easier said than done. If we get cut off in traffic, the first thought we think is not a happy thought. If our computer breaks, our first thought is not happy. Research has shown that positive people generally have the following: (1) higher levels of optimism, (2) life satisfaction, and (3) live longer…So, how do we become that positive person? Easy…

  • resist the urge to respond with anger…when we respond with anger, our blood pressure increases.
  • return rudeness with kindness and respect
  • be positive and be intentional with your actions

The more often we choose to be happy, the more our effort will be strengthened. Until tomorrow…

“If happiness is the meaning and purpose of life as the great philosopher Aristotle supposed, then we must be happy for all that comes into our life, for even misfortune blesses us if it builds our character and strengthens our faith in pursuing that which is good and noble.”


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