#438 bring your neighborhood together

20 Sep

In the book, our author thinks that we can  bring our neighborhood together by working on community projects, like cleaning a park or planting a garden. Living in Las Vegas, “neighborhood” is a relative term. There are A LOT of complexes so the idea of an actual neighborhood (like I think of in Pittsburgh) is far and few between. So, I like to think of my neighborhood as my school community, which involves my students and parents.

Tonight was Open House Night. This meant I hung out at school from roughly 620 am to 730 pm, with the exception of a 10 minute break to Starbucks to get a caffeine fix. For my 3 classes (remember Read 180 is blocked), I had 8 sets of parents show….actually not a bad turn out (for about 35 students). Open House Night is when parents travel from class to class (with their children or without) to meet with the teachers to hear about the class and expectations. It’s a great way to bring the community together; I just wish more parents came! I enjoyed conversating with my students and their parents; especially when I informed my 5th period parents about the infamous spelling quiz disasters of the past two weeks (high score of 6 out of 17). They were quite shocked to even hear that their kids had spelling words!  All in all, it was a good night!

If you are a parent, please please please attend your child’s Open House night if you can- regardless of what grade your student is in or how well they do (or don’t do) in class. Other ways to bring your neighborhood together? How about a potluck, barbecue, pool party, block party, community service project/fundraiser. Lots of ways to be innovative! Remember, start small! Until tomorrow…

“We cannot all do great things; only small things with great love.”
-Mother Teresa


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