#370 adopt a teenager

9 Sep

Don’t worry, I’m not actually adopting a teenager. Being a mere 24 years old, I am in no position whatsover to ACTUALLY adopt a teenager. And, as this blogging adventure will last for three years, I don’t even think at 27 I would be in a position to adopt a teenager. Thus, I am modifying the word “adopt”.

Today in my 1st period, my students were working on a brainstorming/writing activity in which they were to think about what career they would like and three reasons, followed by three details per reason as to why they want said career.  I had a few students say “pediatrician” because they like babies/little kids. They then asked me if I had kids (very common question actually), to which I laughed and said yes that I consider them all my kids. They laughed too, but I wonder if they knew how serious I was.  Fr0m day one, year one I feel like each kid I have come into contact with as my kid. I know many teachers (regardless of grade level) feel this way too.

With the exception of shelter and clothing, I feel like there are certain students I have “adopted”: kids I take a special interest in for whatever reason: we got along well or because it’s obvious no one has really taken a strong interest in them before. I spend a lot of money on my kids: school supplies, lunches, snacks, books, calculators. If my kids need it, I get it to them. I talk to them, go to their games, ask them about how they are and respond. It truly is like they are my own children.

However, until the day when it is feasible to adopt, I will stick with my school kiddos and “raising” them. Even if the idea of adoption is not interesting/possible, I would recommend just to take interest in our younger generation. These kids really need it…they truly are our future!  Today I leave you with a little inspirational clip; enjoy the video! Until tomorrow….



2 Responses to “#370 adopt a teenager”

  1. carinne September 17, 2010 at 4:04 pm #

    Miss Perlik, come back. Or let me guest author a post.

    • pangedoes1001 September 18, 2010 at 10:38 am #

      I am back! And I would LOVEEE for you to guest author! Let me know when and we will do it! 🙂

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