#663 stimulate your brain

21 Aug

There are numerous studies that say by keeping your brain active you can help fight off dementia. The author suggests stimulating your brain when in the company of your friends by doing exercises like thinking of opposites or simple math. I like those ideas and am going to list some more (which can be done alone or with friends):

  • watching game shows on tv: wheel of fortune, jeopardy, smarter than a fifth grader, who wants to be a millionaire, etc…
  • crossword and sudoku puzzles: found in your newspaper, online, or specific books
  • board games: LOVE board games. Particularly clue, scattergories, and uno!
  • read: the other week i posted about reading your local newspaper regularly. stimulate your brain by reading a paper, a magazine (my guilty pleasures are glamour and everyday with rachel ray), or a book (I’m reading so many right now, its crazy…and by reading I mean starting books and not finishing)
  • documentaries: even while watching documentaries or informative movies you can stimulate your mind by engaging in the information being presented to you

The great thing is that all of these activities can be enjoyed anywhere: on the plane, at the pool/beach, on the bus, during commercial breaks while watching tv! Until tomorrow…


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