#177 spread a good word about local restaurants

19 Aug

Hi readers! I missed blogging yesterday- Shay and I volunteered at the Dining Facility (more on that in the updates) and then Kristin got back in town so Shay, Cece, and myself went over there for pizza, beer/wine, and catching up. It was lovely.

Spreading a word about local restaurants promotes the economy and can open someones eyes to something new. I love eating out: being waited on, enjoying company, not having to cook, etc. I just love it. I am listing some of my favorite restaurants here in Las Vegas (some of which are unique, some of which are in other areas of the country too).

  • Panera Bread: not local because there are Paneras everywhere, but this is one of my favorite places. During the school year, Shay and I usually hang out every Sunday to grab lunch and do work. Delicious soups, salads, sandwiches, and treats! http://www.panerabread.com
  • The Spicy Pickle: this fine sandwich shop is located in Henderson. My favorite is the make your own sandwich: ciabetta bread, turkey, provolone, sun dried tomato mayo, coleslaw, roasted red peppers, and sprouts. Plus they have fountain coke and who doesn’t love a good fountain coke?! http://www.spickypickle.com
  • Sunrise Cafe: only open until 3 pm, this is THE place to go for a delicious omelet (or sandwich…in fact the sandwich I make at Spicy Pickle is very similar to a delicious sandwich they serve here). highly highly recommend. http://www.eatatsunrise.com
  • Battista’s Hole in the Wall: may not have the most exciting name (although it literally is a hole in the wall), but has an exciting atmosphere and some of the best Italian food I have ever enjoyed! I ate here last year with Kevin, Megan, and her family (thanks!) and really really had a great time. Plus, it’s right off the strip, so if you have people staying on the strip it’s just a short taxi drive or a quick walk. http://www.battistaslasvegas.com
  • Mi Casa: found in the Silverton Casino, Mi Casa serves delicious chips and salsa, delightful margs, and really good Mexican food. I, for one, am extremely fond of the cheese enchiladas. Always provides for good leftovers too! One of my favorite memories here was when Josh, Kevin, Megan, and myself went one evening and Kevin ate the fried ice cream with his mouth (no hands/silverware) in a mere minute and then proceeded to salsa around the restaurant, hahaha.  http://www.silvertoncasino.com
  • Yardhouse: from 3-6, appetizers are half off and beers are cheap. I particularly enjoy Sam Adams Cherry Wheat beer, spinach & artichoke dip, and the turkey burger sliders. Great food, sports are always on the numerous tvs, and the music is fabulous. This place also holds a special place in my heart because it is where Shay (plus her mom), Megan (plus her brother Brian), and I ate for our first meal as roommates (before we started Induction and Institute).www.yardhouse.com


  • As mentioned above, yesterday Shay and I volunteered for about an hour and half at the dining hall on Main Street that is run by Catholic Charities. We were there for the soup line. Two other volunteers were there as well (it was their 3rd time volunteering). The meal was: bottle of water, piece of fruit, yogurt, piece of bread, sandwich of some sort (until we ran out), and minestrone soup. I was in charge of placing the sandwiches and bread on the trays for one line, and Shay manned the bread on the other line. This was an extremely humbling experience. Every person was grateful and over all friendly. I greeted each person with a hello, how are you, enjoy the meal. I got many thank yous, god bless, and how are you? coming back my way. There were people of all ages, races, ethnicities. Some had canes, some did not. Some seemed slightly more well kept, and some didn’t. Regardless, they were all there for the same reason: to get out of the heat and to get a meal. I never really realized how bad the homeless situation was until we drove into this area. Like I said, it was humbling. The workers said that the shelter serves between 400-700 people a day- everyday. WOW. I recommend that everyone find a way to volunteer- go with a friend, family member, or co-worker. It will be very rewarding. I definitely plan to volunteer for Thanksgiving too!

Until tomorrow..

“The belly rules the mind.”

-Spanish Proverb


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