#586 be courteous of those serving you

10 Aug

After a rocky start, today has turned in my favor. What a lovely surprise to find that Las Vegas airport has free wi-fi so I can blog while I am waiting for my flight. If there’s one thing you should know about me (granted there are several things really) its that I LOVE LOVE LOVE airports and flying. That’s right folks, I am an airport junky. I love sitting and observing my fellow travelers. I must admit, they are always more subdued leaving Vegas than they are on the flight in (as they chant various Vegas slogans/cheers while drinking and discussing their gambling plans). I even love spending absurd amounts of money on airport items (for example I just bought a 20 oz gatorade for almost 4 dollars. pretty outrageous, but I don’t expect anything less). I really enjoy the red eye flights because I get to sleep and wake up well-refreshed. I also like flying because I get to “visit” places I’ve never been. Generally I fly through Cleveland or Cinncinatti (ick) or Atlanta. On my way to PGH I have a layover in Cleveland and on my back to Vegas, I have a layover in Jersey (never been there before).

see ya later las vegas (until next week that is)

&& hello pittsburgh 🙂

Under this deed our author writes that we should remember to tip various workers we encounter. However in this economy, I (as well as many of you probably) have zero money. So instead of tipping, I am over-friendly. I greeted the man who checked my bag, the lady who checked my boarding pass/id @ security, the young girl who sold me my $4 gatorade, and the older man who sold me my $2 bag of pretzels by asking how they were and wished them a good night as I left them. The lady who checked my info was very surprised at my friendly conversation and I dare to say it, grateful…I say this because she had a big smile on her face. I plan to be friendly to all the workers I will encounter: pilots, attendants, final check in lady…and even though they aren’t serving me, the people I will be sitting next to. 🙂

Traveling can be stressful, believe me when my baggage was delayed coming back from spring break senior year (we went to Vegas haha) I was none too nice. However, I have since reformed my ways…okay I’m at least trying more!!! So as stressed as you are, remember that those serving you are probably 1000x more stressed because they are dealing with crazies like you all day (kidding, kidding….kinda!). On all future travels, I wish each of you safety, happiness, and friendliness. Since I will be home/very busy I will try to blog as much as I can, but I can’t guarantee it will be everyday. Until tomorrow…

“Human beings are the only creatures on earth that allow their children to come back home.”

-Bill Cosby

(thanks mom!)


2 Responses to “#586 be courteous of those serving you”

  1. carinnnnenenen August 11, 2010 at 8:35 am #

    Where in Jersey?!?!? Newark I’m assuming??

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