#35 take a quiz and help end world hunger

9 Aug

For three weeks from April 4 to April 26, 1993 former Congressman Tony Hall fasted. He fasted in response to protest an action that Congress had undertaken. He wrote a book in 2006 called Changing the Face of Hunger. I read a brief excerpt in which Hall described the three weeks and how his experience enabled him to understand the experiences of those all over the world go hungry. Hall wrote that the first week was the hardest (in regards to hunger aches/pains) but the second and third weeks were hard because he had no energy.

After the fast was up, Hall lost 23 pounds and was unable to eat a full meal for another week because he had to coax his stomach back to normalacy. You too can read this excerpt. After reading the excerpt, take a brief quiz (literally four questions), submit the  quiz, and then click on the CLICK HERE button. Once you click, Hunger Notes contributes a penny to Mercy Corps for its  work in DR of Congo. Check it out here: www.worldhunger.org/contributefood.htm Until tomorrow…

“the sensation of hunger faded in about a week.  It’s as if the body gives up on getting food and stops demanding it.  From then on, I could join my family at mealtimes and not be bothered a bit .  It was a revelation about the poor and the hungry, to whom I came to feel exceptionally close as the fast went on.  I now fully understood, in a way I never had before, a strange phenomenon I had witnessed during famines: starving children who refused to eat when food was finally offered to them.”

-Tony Hall


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