#920 smile often

3 Aug

I like being smiled at and I like to smile at people. Today I had many errands and things of that nature to do, so this was a great deed for the day.

 I smiled at the nurse and the technican when I had to get my gallbladder ultrasound this morning. I smiled and made conversation with the worker at Brooklyn Bagels Deli where I grabbed breakfast after the doctor ( this was a DELICIOUS place. ) We talked about the iced coffees- he recommended the mocha because it tasted like chocolate milk, which was no bueno for me because I dislike chocolate. So I ended up with regular coffee.

After that I went to the bank and smiled at my teller and was extra friendly to her. Then Jiffy Lube. It was here that I continued reading The Diary of Anne Frank which I bought last night. As  I pulled it out, the older gentleman next to me looked at it, then looked at me. I read a few pages before setting it down. That’s when he made conversation with me: he asked me if I had seen the movie (no, but he said it was good) and I asked him if he had read the book (no, but again he reiterated that he really enjoyed the movie).  We then began talking about teaching, college, technology, and his children. He informed me that he had no interest in technology and that when he went to college, tution was only 500 bucks a year (at Rochester!) and they only used paper and pencils: rarely anyone had typewriters. We then talked about his grandson who has dyslexia and is about to enter high school and his granddaughter who would rather socialize than learn (how many kids do I have like that!). It was a good conversation for about 10 minutes before my car was ready. The old man wished me well. A great conversation that made my day, and hopefully his, all from a smile.

Next my day took me to Target where I had to get cleaning supplies. I also picked up a cute little dress. 🙂 My cashier and I had a nice conversation about hairstyles and the heat. Friendly smiles exchanged both ways. So friends, family, and fellow readers…throw a smile the way of a stranger, a friend, an enemy. It’ll make you feel better and them! It may even lead to an interesting conversation…

I also think it’s more important to smile when you’re alone…that may sound weird but this is what I mean. I smiled five seconds ago when a little boy and his family just got a new oven donated to them (I’m watching Oprah). I smiled when my friend Kelly sent me a text with pics of us that are online from the Open Bar we went to last Friday- check them out:

I smiled when one of my best friends from home texted me about a sleepover/cookout at her house when I’m in Pittsburgh next week. I’m smiling as I think about my happy hour date with Shay (her treat for watching the dogs while her and Mat were out of town last week). And finally, I’m smiling because I’m alive and I have great friends and family. Until tomorrow…

Today, give a stranger one of your smiles.  It might be the only sunshine he sees all day”

-from P.S. I love you

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