#376 give a child a new book

1 Aug

Today is August 1st- WOW! Where did this summer go?! In just a few weeks, school will be starting again. I am actually pretty excited to see my old kids, meet my new kids, and be busy again (not sure that my current schedule of going to the pool and watching tv constitutes as being busy). As I type this, I am watching one of my favorite movies Freedom Writers. We read sections of the book The Freedom Writers Diary when I taught English my first year. We also watched the movie in class. My kids really responded to the book and movie, which was great. The movie just makes me feel good plus it has a really good soundtrack! The part that gets me the most is when sophomore year has just begun, and the shy boy reads an entry from his diary about getting evicted and becoming homeless. He talks about how important his friends/ mrs. gruwell is and how he feels at home at school. In fact, I just watched that part and I’m tearing up now….gets me everytime!

Whether a student or a teacher, an important aspect of a new school year is the back-to-school clothes shopping. Growing up I remember it was such a big deal to get new clothes for the first week. I’ll never forget my outfit in 6th grade was shorts and a t-shirt with an alien on it from Kids R Us. I don’t remember much else about the shirt except there was an alien on it and I had wanted it SO BAD. Now as a teacher, I still get excited about buying new clothes and new shoes: all courtesy of Target and the outlets of course.

Today at church, there was an angel tree of sorts. For those of you not familiar with concept of an angel tree, its a tree with little angels that have the name, age, and sometimes certain information of a child/teen/senior citizen. These can be found in churches, businesses, even schools (my hs had one) around the holiday season. You pick an angel and purchase gifts for him/her. Today’s particular angel tree was a Back 2 School celebration tree supporting children and youth in the area. You get a tag (shaped like a pencil) and then buy one complete outfit for your kid. Even though I really have no money, I can’t not participate in one of these. Luckily Shay agreed to shop and share our kid!

All I knew was I wanted a boy; I have many years of experience with these things and I find that girls are usually picked first. So I asked the volunteer to hand me a boy tag and she gave me Carlos. 🙂  Carlos is 6, wears a size 6 in clothing, size 13  shoes, and his favorite color is blue (like me). We were so excited to shop after our church and breakfast date with our other friend Amy. As we left church, I stopped to ask exactly what the limit was (I had ideas of various outfits, books, school supplies running through my head) and I was told that just one outfit. I was kind of sad, but in the end it’s good that it’s just one outfit…because believe me, Shay and I would have spent alll our money and then some on little Carlos. 🙂

We ventured to Target and got Carlos a pair of jeans (better than shorts because he can wear jeans year round), a brown t-shirt with blue/white stripes across it, white socks, spiderman boxer briefs that GLOW IN THE DARK, a blue zip up jacket, and nice brown sneakers. Carlos is going to be STYLIN! I wish I could meet him and make him my little buddy!!! It was a good thing that Shay and I split the cost (we ended up paying 35 bucks each…for a grand total of 70 dollars) and that there was a limit. Really, we were like fiends…we probably would have ended up buying 5 new outfits, a backpack, books, etc… But think about that….70 bucks for one outfit for one kid! For some families that is groceries, utility bills, gas, etc…I forgot how expensive it is…

I hope Carlos enjoys his clothes and gets a lot of use out of them. I hope all the kids who had tags get picked and have new outfits coming their way. I am considering running back to church for the noon and then evening mass to pick up two more tags. Seriously, if I wasn’t broke and had any extra spending money at all I would be there in a heartbeat. So yes, the deed is modified to not a new book, but a new outfit. If I want to backtrack, I bought quite a few books for my ex-boyfriends kids (but I’m not counting those) and gave some to his little cousin (not counting that either). If I want to forward track, I’ll probably get books for my kids this year (depending on how many I have) and when I do the angel tree, I’m definetly getting my little angels books. Spread the joy of reading! Oh, and we took pics of Carlos’ outfit on Shays camera…so when they are uploaded, I will add them to my post. Thanks to Shay!!! Until tomorrow..

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.”

-Mother Teresa


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