#167 send an impromptu thank you e-mail

24 Jul

Today I made my second trip to the grocery store, once again hitting up Food 4 Less. I got the usual (turkey and swiss from the deli, yogurt, bagels, cream cheese, pizza dough, shredded cheese) and headed to the check-out. Last time I was shopping, I had the pleasure of getting in the lane of a very nice employee named Melissa. As it just so happened, she was working again ( I remember faces quite well) and so I weaved over to her lane. 

What is so great about Melissa? Well shes friendly and polite! I have the habit of asking people (waiters, secretaries, grocery clerks, bankers, whomever) how they are- well Melissa beat me to the punch! She also beat my other habit, which is telling said people above to have a nice day. I like that. I like polite, friendly people who are also efficient at doing their job.

When I got home, I decided to send an email to Food 4 Less letting them know how great I think their employee is. I logged onto the internet and found the corporate site. There was no direct email to the manager of my store, just a corporate email. I sent the email to corporate, letting them know how much I appreciated Melissa’s friendli-and politeness. After entering in my contact info, the next part was to enter your zip code and then search for the store…. well I typed in the zip code, but accidently hit enter (instead of clicking on search) and my email was sent without a store number! Oops….here’s hoping that when they contact me, I can clarify what store it is. Thanks Melissa for a great experience!

Update: Shay and I will be serving meals to the needy August 18th! Unfortunately we did not get the early shift (kinda sad!) but the lunch one instead! I’m glad it was able to happen before school began! Until tomorrow…

“Kindness is more important than wisdom and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom.”

-Theodore  Issac Rubin


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