#356 help at a soup kitchen

23 Jul

The author suggests that this is done during a time-frame that is neither Thanksgiving nor Christmas- because thats when a lot of people help. Volunteering at a soup kitchen is something I have actually always held an interest in, but never actually did. The closest I came was two Thanksgivings ago when I delievered a Thanksgiving meal to a home-bound senior through a program at Church. 


Imagine my surprise when I googled Las Vegas soup kitchens and found a disturbing article written by BBC News in 2006 which stated that soup kitchens were outlawed in our city! As I read more, the article went onto say that “mobile soup kitchens” are not allowed because people complained that they crowd up the park. Interesting also because the article stated that there are roughly 12,000 homeless people…and that was four years ago! I can only imagine the numbers now. I read this, and I forget where but I believe it to be true, is that people often fear homeless/poor people because that is their most deep-seeded fear- that one day that could be them on the streets. This is actually totally true for me, which makes me kind of sad to admit. Believe me, I have worked everyday of my life since like 13 when I started babysitting so I could have money for things I needed (note: needed, not wanted. Such as cars, college, clothes, etc). For me, if I were to lose my material things (not saying if I were to lose everything because ideally I would still have friends and family) which basically is a car, apartment, phone, laptop, and some clothes (pretty much wear a lot of the same stuff) and end up on the streets, I would feel like a failure. Simply because I have worked hard for a long time for that never to happen. I know situations that are out of my control could happen and I could be homeless, but I hope the Lord continues to look upon me with favor and not let that happen. I just don’t know how I could recover from that, so bless all the homeless people out there living day to day….here’s hoping that something good comes their ways soon!

So now that I went off on my tangent, lets get back to that soup kitchen! I didnt find a soup kitchen specifically but I did find a dining hall through Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada ( http://www.catholiccharities.com/) . They actually offer lots of volunteer opportunities (services involving seniors, social things, immigration,and adoption). They have a dining facility and need volunteers to help serve meals. Meals are served Monday-Friday and done in two shifts: 530 am to 8 am OR 10 am to 1 pm. Obvioiusly, I want to do the earlier one (thats just how my crazy mind works) and have recruited Shay to volunteer with me until we start Shade Tree/ school starts at the end of August. I’m going to call the Charity tomorrow and figure out what oppurtunites are available! Until tomorrow…

“The only way past fear is to go through.”

-author unknown


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