#22 unplug electrical items not in use

22 Jul

In my new place, there are A LOT of outlets. A LOT. Probably about 3 in every room, and its a double outlet. The book states that some items continue to use electrical current even when it’s not being used. This is actually an easy deed to do and something that you can do everyday at no cost to you!

cell phone charger (DROID)coffee lover toaster oven

As evidenced above, those were the items I unplugged. Pretty easy to do…once I am done with my computer (post blogging, my agenda involves looking up how to make margharita flatbread and spinach dip- two of my favorite all time foods. If you see me at a happy hour, guarentees I can be found eating one of those items!) that will be getting unplugged too!


  • Love your body: went to the doc’s today. Turns out my bloodwork is normal, so Dr. Mason recommended me to stay away from spicy food, eat three meals a day (even when not hungry), keep taking the prescription, and get a gallbladder ultrasound due to the fact that fatty foods sometimes makes my stomach hurt. Basically I need to take better care of myself!
  • Fight for Air Walk: If you live in Las Vegas and will be in town Oct 9th (happy birthday Ali!) and want to join in a walk to fight Lung Disease, let me know!!! There is a $10 registration fee and the walk takes place at UNLV. If enough people display an interest, maybe we could get  a team going!!! 🙂

Until tomorrow,

“Modern technology owes ecology an apology.”
~Alan M. Eddison

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