Updates! (Real post tomorrow)

19 Jul

Well! It has been quite sometime since my last post- I was quite busy moving and my apt. wasnt cable/internet ready so I had to call Cox to get the cable man to come out…Which he did today. Now I just need hook up the cables and modem and I am good to go. Thank you to everyone who helped me move and organize things- especially Kevin who loaded the entire U-Haul himself and Shay who helped organize my things pre and post move, as well as building my living room furniture!

Even though I wasn’t blogging during those few days, I was still able to do two deeds. Here’s what they were:

  • #917 Let someone go in front of you-whatever line you’re in: On my first real day of grocery shopping (Friday) I went to this wonderful place known as Food 4 Less. I picked up my necessary items (fruit, veggies, sandwich stuff, frozen chicken fingers and fries) and began the search for a check-out aisle. I found an empty one, and as I approached, so did another lady. Her cart was FULL–like stacked, almost overflowing with groceries. She gestured for me to go, but I told her to go instead. Her grand total was over $100 (mine was under $50 which was pleasently shocking!), so it was worth the extra five minutes I had to wait so that she could get out quickly with her young son. As they left, she thanked me again.
  • #505 Help a neighbor move: This also happened on Friday. As I was walking around my new apartment complex, I saw a lady with a dolly full of groceries. She was attempting to lug the dolly up the stairs herself and was struggling. I asked her if she needed help and she said yes.  I grabbed the bottom of the dolly and together we lifted it up the stairs. She thanked me and introduced herself- Monique. So now I at least know one person in my complex! This is easy, especially if you live in an apartment complex because EVERYONE knows how annoying it is lugging groceries from your car inside- either to the elevator or up the stairs ick. There have been so many times when I wish someone was there to help me!

Updates in regards to recent deeds:

  • Volunteer: The volunteer coordinator at Shade Tree called me back and informed me that when the next training session occurs she will let me know so I can attend and get the process started! The fun thing about this is that one of my best friends Shay is going to volunteer too!
  • Loving Your Body: Follow up visit with Dr. Mason occurs this Wednesday morning. Hopefully the results of all my testing ends in something minor (i.e., not getting enough iron) as opposed to something major (stomach ulcer or tapeworm-thanks for planting that seed Rachel and Lauren).  Be proactive about your health!!! (not reactive like me!)

Tomorrow will be a real post with a real deed again! Until then, I leave you with what is perhaps my favorite quote of all time….

“Moral courage is a more rare commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change a world that yields most painfully to change.”

-Robert F. Kennedy


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