#901 do something kind for a stranger

14 Jul

The author suggests holding the door open for someone or letting a car go in traffic. Personally, I feel that holding the door open for someone is simply good manners. Letting a car go in traffic, that I agree is kind. Especially when its busy.

However I did two kind acts. Actually, I dont even know if what I did classifies as kind or just simply being friendly and a nice person. Either way, it made me more aware of my actions. My first kind act involved talking to one of the janitors who works in  my apartment complex. We were going up in the elevator together and I learned that they work 8-5 everyday. WOW. Long day, especially in this heat. As I got off the elevator, I wished him a good rest of his work shift (he only had like 4 more hours to go).

Act two had happened earlier in the day. If you know me, you know I love Panera. So I went today and sent some emails/paid bills, etc. I sat at my usual 4 person table with everything spread out.  As the lunch rush hit, another computer user came up and asked if he could sit with me and use the computer plug too. I told him yes, that it wasn’t a problem. He however was not very friendly, and when I asked him for a number (in random preparation for tomorrow’s deed), he gave me a dirty look, said “what? I don’t know like 50? I’m in the middle of something.” I thanked him, secretly thinking douchebag (not so kind of me). He left a few minutes later…maybe I scared him? I left not soon after, to which my table was quickly sat at by some other people.

I think what’s important here is to make a more conscious effort to be nicer to people. A friendly wave, smile, or “hello” is always nice. Hold the door for someone or open it for them. I also think this doesn’t necessarily have to be a stranger….how about doing something kind for someone who had a falling out with or someone who just don’t like (for a reason or not a reason)!


  • Still waiting to hear from Shade Tree…I called today and left a voicemail for the volunteer coordinator. If I don’t hear back by the end of the week, I am going to call one of my other choices: Boys and Girls Club or After School All Stars
  • In regards to post about loving your body, I ended up going to a real physician yesterday. He was pretty concerned about my weight loss (as was I when I discovered I weigh 10 pounds less than December, which is not only unhealthy but unintentional as well) and that I had gastritis in December. He sent for my medical records when I went to the ER in December and I went in this morning for blood work and pee test. I go back next Weds for my follow-up visit. My lovely nurse friends Rachel and Lauren scared me by saying that maybe I had a tape worm, but I really don’t think so…and I really hope not!
  • Since I will be moving Thursday, I may or may not have time to blog but in advance I thank my friends who are coming to help me move and/or helping me set up!

Until tomorrow…

“To show great love for God and our neighbor we need not do great things.”

-Mother Teresa


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