#934 love your body

11 Jul

This post is late because it was a busy and exciting day. Also exhausting. Loving your body means a few things to me: (1) treating it well physically, (2) taking care of it emotionally, (3) looking after your health. I’ve come to terms with how my body looks and I am content with it (generally). For some people, that may be the hardest of my 3 items above. Personally, if I am going to love my body, I need to take better care of my health.

I postpone visits to the doctor (no matter what doctor, except the dentist because thats the only good aspect of my health insurance) just because I think I will get over something on my own or I don’t think I have time. This explains why allergy symptoms often turn into cold symptoms that plague me for months and why it took throwing up in a trash can at school one day in December and having my kids calling me out on it (and with a push from silvia and jose and my mom), to finally go to the health clinic then ER to figure out what was happening with my stomach…something known as gastritis…(happens when you drink to much caffeine and not enough food- at least for me).

However, in the past couple weeks I have realized that I need to visit the doctor for a check-up. I recently have begun to bruise reallyyy easily- I often lightly run into something (sometimes not even remembering what) and end up with HUGE bruises (always on my legs) that last for weeks and look nasty. When I was getting gas yesterday, I must have ran into something because about 10 minutes later as I sat in my car my upper leg began hurting sooo BAD and sure enough, throughout the day a large bruise appeared. I feel this may be due to iron deficiency, but I need a doctor to tell me for sure.

Then today, I passed out after being in the sun (only like 110 degrees, no biggie) from 1130-130. Why in the sun for so long, during the hottest hours? Simple- Megan, Kelly, and I went to watch Shaq compete for an event for his Shaq Vs. show. What was the main event? A hot dog eating contest- which was supposed to start at 12 but Shaq was pretty much a diva and didn’t come out until 115. All I had during these hours was some water- no clouds, no shade, nothing! The only things in my system were an iced coffee, sausage mcmuffin, and half a hashbrown from hours earlier. Just as Shaq walked out, I began to feel lightheaded and my vision went all fuzzy gray and blurry. I tried to open the water bottle cap, but couldnt I was so weak. Kelly and Megs helped me to sit down and take the cap off. Luckily sitting in the shade of all the people near me helped, so I was able to catch the last 2 of 5 minutes of the contest. They said my face turned REALLY white and my lips blue. YIKES. Good thing I had my friends! After the contest,we went inside the casino. After arguing with the bartender (not a very good deed, but I was sick and needed sugar and he was delaying it), I got some pop and then yogurtland and fruit later. After this, I made a resultion to myself to go the doctor on Monday.

What about you? How can you better love your body? Maybe there’s more than one way (I mean I can love my body by thinking more about what I am consuming) or maybe there’s not. Whatever it is, consider doing it. Actually, don’t just consider—do!!! No quote today….just a picture of Shaq! Until tomorrow!

photo courtesy of http://365project.org/megcsim/365


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