#712 Appreciate your friends

7 Jul

A wise man known as Aristotle once said “Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods.” The author of my book agrees- saying that our friends, not our material possessions are our greatest treasures. National Friendship Day (never knew there was one until I was googling!) is the first Sunday of every August. I’m a little early on this, but might as well get a head start!

There are many ways to appreciate your friends: write them a note, give them a call, email them, hug them, text them, facebook them, dedicate a post to them….I have been blessed with many life-long friends (both in my family and outside) as well as people who are no longer my friends- but have impacted me nonetheless.

Here are some shout-outs of appreciation:

mom, dave, amy, brian, steven (even you, though you drive me crazy), alison, stephanie, aly may, carinne, ellen, k susany, kayla, rachel, lauren, ellen, tam, sam, lyss, nicole, flipper, meghz, alysse, samacita, kat, mere, bakey, hope, maggie, jess, nikki mo, skoglind, gulia, steckmoney, susalla, sade, ruthie, megs, kevin, shay, josh, kelly, cece, cat, brian, erin m., becca, rebecca a., meagen, courtney, chris, carl, jerry, jose, and stepp.

I appreciate each and everyone of you. For being there when I needed someone for anything (laughs, hugs, bingo, trips, eating….whatever!)

Many good memories and moments to come. Appreciate your friends. 🙂


One Response to “#712 Appreciate your friends”

  1. carinnnnenenen July 8, 2010 at 5:02 pm #

    Cheers, locker partner!

    It’s amazing how sometimes a person you knew only briefly you’ll think about years later.

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