#46 build your vocabulary and end hunger- at the same time

5 Jul

According to the United Nations, a child dies every 10 seconds from hunger related causes. Here in the United States, most of us can find several fast-food chains and restaurants within a mile of our home. Outside of the US, and even in the US, though most people grow up without that experience. What can we do to support these children and their families?

Simple- check out the website www.freerice.com.  All you have to do is play a game and for each answer you get correct, ten grains of rice will be donated to various countries (i.e., Bangladesh, Uganda, Myanmar, Nepal). I played the English vocabulary game and donated 1000 grains of rice! There are other subjects besides English vocabulary: world capitals, famous paintings, basic math, and language learning (Spanish, Italian, French, German) are just some of the other subjects. This is great because not only are you helping feed people, you are learning something too! Check out some of the new vocab I picked up:

trundle = roll; highfalutin= grandoise; scullion= kitchen servant; gourmand = glutton; paunch = belly; bambino = toddler

I think the most interesting word/definition is bambino meaning toddler…hello, one of Babe Ruth’s many nicknames was The Great Bambino……aka The Great Toddler?!!? I also like the word paunch for belly! I just think that is a cute word. I played the game for about five minutes (out of 60 levels my best level was 32) and set the goal of 1000 grains of rice! This is an easy deed to do and it doesn’t matter how many grains you donate! Take a minute and play- any amount of food is BETTER than no food!

“We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give.”

-Winston Churchill


One Response to “#46 build your vocabulary and end hunger- at the same time”

  1. carinne July 6, 2010 at 1:48 am #

    That’s a great way to study the chemical symbols (and any of the other topics)!!! That was so easy to do.

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